Once-at-bedtime LUMRYZ has an extended-release formulation to avoid middle-of-the-night dosing1,2

LUMRYZ delivers therapeutic exposure over the course of patients’ nocturnal sleep period.2

Medication concentration over time graphic Medication concentration over time graphic

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The phase 1 study was designed to evaluate the relative bioavailability, safety, and tolerability of LUMRYZ compared to twice-nightly sodium oxybate.2

This study found similar geometric least squares mean concentration at ~8 hours after the first and only dose of LUMRYZ, compared to 8 hours after the first dose of twice-nightly sodium oxybate when the second dose is given 4 hours later.2

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Each premeasured packet contains a proprietary blend of immediate-release and controlled-release granules1,3

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GHB, gamma-hydroxybutyrate; SE, standard error.


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