Financial assistance programs are available for LUMRYZ

LUMRYZ is covered for >80% of commercially insured patients (all national plans).

Co-pay Assistance

Your patients with commercial insurance could pay as little as $0.*

Temporary Access Program (TAP)

Through this program, your patient may be eligible for up to 120 days of free LUMRYZ if there is a delay in insurance coverage.

Patient Assistance Program (PAP)

Treatment is available free of charge to eligible patients who are uninsured or underinsured.

*This offer is valid only for patients who have commercial insurance. Offer not valid for patients enrolled in Medicare, Medicaid, or other federal or state healthcare programs. Additional terms and conditions apply. Download the full terms and conditions of the co-pay program.

Applies only to eligible, commercially insured patients.

PAP application required. Patient must meet certain financial and other criteria.

We understand the process of navigating access can be challenging. The RYZUP™ Support Services team works with your office to help verify coverage benefits, navigate the insurance process, and help connect your eligible patients with financial assistance.