Each premeasured packet contains a full therapeutic dose1

No middle-of-the-night alarm clock1-3

Convenient for packing and travel

No second dose left out unattended1-3

Image of nightstand with packet of LUMRYZ

Available dose strengths are 4.5 g, 6 g, 7.5 g, and 9 g1

  • Can be taken concomitantly with alerting agents

Taken orally as a single dose at bedtime1,4

  • Patients combine their dose with water* in the provided mixing cup by shaking well for at least 60 seconds

Should be taken at least 2 hours after eating and in bed1

  • Patients may fall asleep within 5-15 minutes of taking their dose without feeling drowsy

*Do not use hot water.

Advise the patient to read the FDA-approved patient labeling (Medication Guide and Instructions for Use) for full administration instructions.

Are you treating college-age patients or patients who travel frequently?

Watch to learn more about LUMRYZ Instructions for Use

These instructions are not complete. Please see Instructions for Use for complete administration directions.

Watch a video about LUMRYZ dosing


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