Most patients with narcolepsy feel the burden both day and night1

At least 65% of patients with narcolepsy experience poor, fragmented sleep in addition to their daytime symptoms.2 While sodium oxybate treatments have made a significant impact in treating daytime symptoms, current options may be placing an additional burden on patients.3-5

Results from a qualitative study of patient perspectives suggest waking up to take a second dose is a source of stress for patients who also report sometimes missing the second dose of treatment as prescribed.3-5*

Patients in this study ranked statements regarding the burdens of narcolepsy based on their level of agreement. The perspectives that ranked in the top 5 were5:

  • Stress around waking up to take a second dose
  • Sometimes missing their second dose
  • Struggling with daytime activities, such as work or school, despite their medication

Top-ranked perspective5:

  • A strong preference for a treatment that requires taking fewer doses

Patients on twice-nightly sodium oxybate reported they still struggle with daytime symptoms despite treatment.5*

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*Participants were asked to rate statements about the burden of narcolepsy on a scale of 1-9, where 1="completely disagree" and 9="completely agree."